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A few more things have finally migrated from the old site now. Firstly, Notable Mentions is now up, and all of the old news stories are now available through ‘The Old Hole’ link on your left.

Just Red Books and Red Dwarf and Me to go, then. ‘Red Dwarf and Me’ is just a matter of me being bothered to copy and paste all of it accross but ‘Red Books’ needs some effort putting in formatting tables and what not. I can’t be bothered with this either so, at the moment, those links take you to the old pages.

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  1. Where’s your series V Dvd review?
    You’re falling behind buddy….

  2. I will be most likely writing it over christmas due to Uni work. I’ll update the easter egg guide sooner, though.

    And don’t moan; you’ll have another quality Dwarf fansite to read soon, you spoilt people, you.

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