Cover of the paperback edition of Incompetence. I seriously considered writing a long paragraph about the differences between the proof, hardback and paperback editions. Help me. I can’t believe we missed this. (Actually, I can.) The paperback edition of Rob Grant’s Incompetence was released (two weeks earlier than originally planned) on the 1st October. Obviously, we waited a month in order to cleverly parallel the theme of the book.

Ridiculously, have it at £3 off, so you can pick a copy up for £3.99. At that price it’s well worth splashing out on; but I’d personally buy a second copy for actually reading. I still mean to write a proper review of the book at some point; in the meantime, there’s always Ian’s preview. Never fear, however: one of the reviews on Amazon has the right idea:

“For my part, I started laughing from the first paragraph, and carried on laughing until the last page. In places I laughed so hard I thought I’d swallow my own eyeballs. At the same time, I can imagine a bunch of RD fans scratching their heads, and complaining that there’s only one fart joke in the whole book.”

Well done!

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