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Just seen this trailed on Channel 4 so I thought I’d mention it. The ever excellent Howard Goodall starts his new show Howard Goodall’s 20th Century Greats on Saturday at 1900.

The series begins on groovy funky Channel4 and the first episode focuses on Lennon and McCartney (Yes, that’s Lennon’s name FIRST, McCartney, you big tit). From what I saw of the trailer, it looks jolly interesting and includes some renditions by Goodall himself on his trusty piano. The big pianist.

Why not prepare youself for this new series by reading Howard’s interview with The White Hole? Yes, go on. You’ll be richer for it, peasants.

Much Goodall goodness.

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  • I clicked on it, and got this message.

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  • I guess so.

    I suppose I could request that Cappsy update with something, but I’d end up looking a fool, as I’ve done three measly updates this month to GW, and only one of them had anything to do with the site itself. Not much seems to be happening with Red Dwarf at the moment.

  • Did anyone see this last night? I thoguht it was excellent.

    And yes, Austin, I think the lack of TWH updates is due to not much Dwarf related stuff going on and the fact that I’m writing things for the OD. I could do that V DVD review, I suppose…

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