“…Son of Cliché, which was broadcast in two six-episode runs on BBC Radio 4 in 1984.”

Nope. First series 1983, second series 1984.

“Red Dwarf was finally commissioned by BBC Midlands in the 1980s”

Nope. BBC North West (latterly BBC North) comissioned it. Erm, as evidenced by the end of every episode.

“Red Dwarf is five miles long and three miles deep with a crew of 500.”

Nope. The figure originally given was 169, and later revised to 1,169. At no point is it given as 500.

No doubt there are more; I gave up after that. Now yes, these might seem like pernickety little details – and perhaps they are. But if they’re there at all, obviously the writer felt they were worth including – so why not research it and check your facts? All three of those mistakes above would have been corrected with a two minute internet search.

Not that G&T is perfect, of course, but I hope the mistakes we make are a little more obscure. These days, anyway.

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