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I’ve been told that “bizarre, geeky comments” are the best thing for this joint-effort blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of time I can spend on this for the next few days, but I thought as an introduction I’ll share with you not only a brilliant insight but a snippet of what I’ve been working on. Yes, kids, that’s right; a genuine sneak-peek at my Red Dwarf Science Fiction References (Novels), which should be finished in the next few years.

Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers

Chapter Seventeen, page 85-86

Rimmer ducked his body low into his chair, so just his head remained above the table top, and peered past the backs of the examinees in front of him, waiting for the adjudicator to make his move. Waiting for him to leap forward and rip off his flimsy flightsuit, exposing his shame: his illustrated body, Rimmer’s cheating frame.

Probably nothing, but the mention of the “illustrated body” reminded me very much of the title of Ray Bradbury’s second short story collection, The Illustrated Man (1951), the stories of which are linked together by the Illustrated Man – a man whose entire body is covered in exotic tattoos. The illustrations are magically alive, and each proceeds to tell its own story.

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