Ian’s off dog-sitting.

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Oh TOS, why must you make it so difficult to publicise you? I’m only trying to link to your wonderful quiz. Mind you,, I’m not sure I want to with the result I got: “Your score: 17 out of 20. Genius! A life aboard the holoship Enlightenment awaits you.” If you’re going to waste your life doing a Dwarf fansite, it’s 20/20 or you’ve ballsed up the entire point of your existence.

Only one other item, about various bits of DVD news. It appears that the Limited Edition V Gift Set is actually a genuine limited edition of only 40,000; indeed, Play aren’t even listing it any more, so FUCKING RUSH TO SMITHS IMMEDIATELY if you want it.

There’s also some Australian news (Just The Shows has just been released over there; a 3000-run of the gift set is released on December 2nd) – and finally, some lovely adverts. Note the FALSE ADVERTISING on this Oz V advert which promises Craig Charles on the commentary. Now, why would you want to put people off needlessly?

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