Firstly, TOS stuff. Main update this week was a great Making of the RPG article by Todd Downing – i-it’s creator. Whilst the RPG always vaguely interested me, I’m rather more inclined to get off my fat arse and buy it now. Which I suppose was the point of the article. Damn, suckered again. Speaking of the RPG, the Series Sourcebook has showed up on RDSUK, along with a complete set including the main RPG book, the Sourcebook, and the AI screen. Really, £50 for that little lot isn’t bad, although I expect you could get it cheaper if you searched a bit.

Meanwhile: the Corgi models are avaliable. Christ, that picture of Dwarf makes the model look even more RUBBISH than I’d previously thought. Starbug looks great, though. I am PUTTING them both on ORDER tonight, so expect a review in a few days. Although you can probably predict each and every word of it.

There’s also a mention of Hattie’s new CD, Random Abstract Memory. We’ll probably review that at some point as well. It’s also avaliable from RDSUK as a special limited edition with a signed photo.

In probably the smoothest link I’ve ever achieved in a news article, something else rather interesting has also appeared on RDSUK – the Red Dwarf VI DVD as a pre-order. I may even order it from there as well, now that I’ve realised that Play are a bunch of tax-dodging cunts. Nothing new in the extras list that we didn’t already know about – however the date given for release is 21st February, instead of the March date given previously. The Feb date seems more likely, particularly as its what TOS keep mentioning.

Only one big swear, there. Well, getting better.

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