No DVD review this weekend? Never mind: READ THIS IT’S MORE INTERESTING.

  • Just to rub things in, TOS have updated with some lovely V DVD grabs. Join me in saying: CUNTING FUCK SHIT BALLS WANK TOSSPOTS. Go on.
  • The ever-dependable Thomas Evans has mailed us with some news about the Hallé concert. Despite Groovetown’s hopes, Hallé have said that “The concert was not recorded and so won’t be released on CD.” Wah. WELL, RE-RECORD IT AND RELEASE IT. PLEASE.
  • Thomas has also noticed that Howard Goodall is writing more music for The Vicar Of Dibley; according to the BBC, the two new episodes will air this Christmas. He’s also up to a lot of other things; see Howards’s news page for more details.
  • There’s still tickets left for the Norman Lovett Crewe gig on Friday 19th this month; if you live there, why not go along and ask him repeatedly about the Movie?
  • As Darrell and a few others have spotted, the Kennedy assassination stuff from Tikka made an appearance on Dead <insert joke here> last Monday. I didn’t see it as the show is possibly the worst comedy series of all time, but if I can get a copy of the show I’ll upload a clip somewhere.
  • More Filthy BBFC classifications: Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6. Interesting running times compared to the BBC release for episode 4; who will be first to do the inevitable edits article?
  • Ta to Blake for pointing out the following: pictures of the Red Dwarf and Starbug Corgi models; officially released on 30th November. First impressions: Dwarf shit, Starbug lovely. We’ll have a review when we get our hands on them.
  • Speaking of which: the Starbug Playset is released this Monday. Again, review as soon as we get hold of it. Anyone fancy a Merchandise section?

Lots going on, really. I must get my finger out. And after that, write some articles.

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