Cover of SFX 124. OH LOOK, MICHELLE CUNTING GELLAR AGAIN HOORAY.“How Buffy changed everything?” Fuck off!

Never mind, there is at least something of worth in this month’s issue; firstly, a review of Just The Shows:

Red Dwarf Series 1-4 (Just The Shows)
DVD | 1988-91 | 15 | £34.99 | OUT NOW!

Not only was Red Dwarf one of BBC2’s most successful sitcoms, it was also the funniest. The clue to the contents of this DVD release is in the title. Guessed it yet? No? Well, all that is in this box set is the shows. Nothing more, nothing less. Designed for those among us who have neither the time nor the inclination to go through hundreds of hours of extras, this set is for Dwarf purists. And, to be fair, even without extras, this is a blinding little set of adventures of the boys from the Dwarf.
DVD Extras: None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Of course, the set does have one extra (the egg at the end of Marooned), but we’ll let that pass. And the remark about Dwarf purists is odd; surely they would be rather interested in DVD extras? Nonetheless, a fine review by SFX standards. As in: it doesn’t make you grind your teeth and cry. Just wait for the V one next issue, though…

Secondly, it’s time for our “let’s try and get Red Dwarf into SFX as much as possible” mission again:

SFX Needs You!
What do you consider the best SF title sequence you’ve ever seen? Are you moved to dancing by Buffy‘s titles? Are you still haunted by Doctor Who‘s time tunnel effect? Do you think classic Trek‘s frill-less opening titles beat the socks off the CGI overload of Voyager? Are you moved to tears by Enterprise‘s “travel through the ages” montage? Or are you an obessive over The Twilight Zone‘s floating dolls and ticking clocks? SFX is looking for you – that’s you there! – to vote in our poll of the best SF title sequences of all time. Just email with your three favourite title sequences in order and we’ll be publishing the results in a future issue.

Series 1 and 2 – that’s a classic man, that’s a classic. You know what to do.

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