Do you see what I did there? Do you? Do you fucking well see?Oh, fuck. Oh, fucking hairy Jesusing fuck cunt fanny hole. “Posted on 05/11/04”, there. That’s fucking yesterday. Oh, Why hast thou foresaken me? This isn’t happening; it’s a nightmare. :’-(, frankly. CURSE YOU, GOD, FOR MAKING ME THIS WAY.

So, basically, there’ll be no review this weekend. I’ll be down Tesco’s at 6am on Monday morning, and it’ll hopefully be done by the end of the day. But bear in mind that my previous one-day-reviews were for Series I and II, which had around a third of the content of Series V. This is a fucking disaster. If any of you CUNTS have got their DVDs already, use this thread to smugly masturbate over them. I won’t be reading; it’s too painful.

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