Thanks to Danny of RDZ for mailing us that Red Dwarf VI has now turned up at the BBC Shop. A few things to note:

  • Firstly – like, the release date given (for Region 2) is the 14th March. Now, let’s not assume anything until TOS say anything (particularly as they were still giving Febuary as the date) but it does seem a bit more likely now, as it’s from the BBC. Because they’re just so good.
  • Most of the extras we’ve already heard about – either from TOS,or the BBFC. But it’s nice to see confirmation of the Andy De Emmony interview; and it gives the date of broadcast of the Son Of Cliché Dave Hollins Sketch included – 10/11/84. (Nice to see they’re doing them in order.) Which is: this one. ALERT READERS MAY SPOT A FEW INFLUENCES IT HAD ON RED DWARF.
  • 14th March? Wah!

Oh, and VI is just brilliant, obviously. Agree with me here:

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