Final extras classified? Fuck off, John!

First up is RED DWARF SERIES VI DVD EXTRAS EASTER EGGS, rated PG. Two sections; the first being Cockpit Footage (mute) lasting 1m 5s. Could this possibly be the test footage alluded to in this Time Hole article?

“Despite the short production period, the team initially attempted an unrequested shot that had been much talked about in previous seasons – the crew viewed through Starbug’s window. A reflected rear-projection image of the crew in the Starbug cockpit set was played into the miniature Bug model, and – despite a wobble caused by a faulty projector – the result was quite impressive. (Sadly, the shot did not make it into the finished Psirens show – and costume continuity meant that it couldn’t be used in a different episode.)”

Just wild speculation, mind. The second section is titled The Memory Man, lasting 1m 25s. No idea, although I’m sure it rings some kind of bell somewhere. Some kind of Smeg Up?

The second classification is called RED DWARF SERIES VI ANDY DE EMMONY DVD EXTRA, rated U and lasting 4m 5s. The entry says that the cast includes Andy himself. This is intriguing, and I don’t recall any mention so far of this; although we did know that he was interviewed for the main documentary.

Oddly, the company listed for both these extras is 2 entertain Video Limited, rather than BBC Worldwide like previously. Interesting.

February too long for you? Never mind – less than a week to go before V goodness, Play people. We’ll have our review up Sunday. And our BIG BULBOUS COCKS.

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