What is it with Frank?

Salut, fellow Dwarfers.

Something that’s always seemed a bit odd to me:

TODHUNTER: Holly, activate the stasis field.
HOLLY: Okay, Frank.

Now, I know that it’s not uncommon for two people working together to share the same name. And at this early point in the series, we don’t even know that Hollister’s first name is also Frank. But every time I watch The End it gets me thinking: "Okay, so Holly clearly isn’t being sarcastic in response to Todhunter’s order. Why didn’t they just stick with ‘Christopher Todhunter’ as it is in the book to avoid future confusion?"

Furthermore, the name Frank is used throughout Dwarf:

  • Rimmer’s brother. (First mentioned in Better Than Life, I believe.)
  • Rimmer’s uncle, with whom he shared his first French kiss. (The Last Day)
  • "Screw down my diodes and call me Frank." (Kryten in Justice)
  • One of the two gunmen who fires a shot at the Cat. (Gunmen of the Apocalypse)
  • The chap who discovers Lister’s box. (Ouroboros)
  • The washing machine that Kryten names because he works better with an identity. (Blue)

Any thoughts, people?

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  1. This came up through Random. I’ve always wondered this too.

    Another Frank – Saunders, the hologram who precedes George McIntyre in “Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers”.

  2. CesiumFRANKolithicmixyalibidiumrixydixydoxydexydroxide?

  3. “…and FRANKly, I don’t much care.”

  4. Well, to be frank, it’s not much better than calling everyone John. I mean, that would just be too generic, wouldn’t it?

  5. “FRANKly, I can’t afford going around looking like I’ve swapped heads with a damaged crash dummy”

  6. Best Wing sauce!

    I put that s%#¥ on everything!

  7. Ah well, you don’t have Hendersons Relish. Pride of Sheffield.

  8. Sriracha sriracha sriracha!

    > Furthermore, the name Frank is used throughout Dwarf:

    Fun fact: in Deb Lister’s universe they’re all called Fran.

  9. It’s because Blackadder already took Bob, so they had to go with something else.

  10. I actually saw some of the Frank’s RedHot in a store in my area for the first time. Half of the flavors were sold out. I’m guessing this means I need to try it.

  11. If I were to guess at “Why the Franks?”, I would say that Doug is actually dropping subtle hints at a hidden identity.

    Going by the examples presented in this thread, I would hypothesize that Doug Naylor is, in fact, a Hotsauce Manufacturer from Sheffield. He’s also named Frank, obviously.

  12. Frankly, I worry when we go more than a week without a comment from Pecos Pete.

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