Yes, folks! According to the Daily Star, that ever-reliable bastion of the quality press, and this DS:BB article, Craig Charles has signed up for Celebrity Big Brother 3! Now, it’s not necesserily true (remember, Craig was rumoured for the latest I’m a Celeb), but wouldn’t it be a laugh if it was? We give him about thirty minutes before he has a dig at Red Dwarf fans.

Now, the series starts on January 6th and lasts for a fortnight. Meanwhile, the slated January 2005 shooting date for The Movie weeps in the corner, whilst Marcus Bentley tells us that it has been nominated for eviction.

Craig’s fellow confirmed housemates, so far, are “religious fanatic David Icke, model Victoria Silverstedt and fitness guru Carole Chaplin”. Hmm. I’ve only heard of David Icke. Rumoured participants include Mark “you fat bastard” Bosnich, John McCririck, Adrian Mutu and Germain Greer. However, “the inclusion of Charles is said to rule out Michael Barrymore from the lineup”, which is great news for everyone who wants to use the jacuzzi.

We really hope that this is true. If it is, we’ll be following the series avidly here on G&T, bringing you shitloads of updates and that. Hurrah! And thanks to the excellent Brig Bother for letting us know. Oo wins? You decide!

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