The Brittas Series 6 coverJust some news about the Brittas Series 6 release; pencilled in for 21st February. Eureka now have details on their site, including the image you see before you (unless you’re BLIND). Actually quite nice, although I still wish they’d stop using those revolting fonts for the credits and the blurb at the bottom.

Better news, however, is that the Play listing now states that (as well as a photo gallery, which was rubbish last time) outtakes will be included – which were going to appear on the Series 5 release, but couldn’t be cleared in time. Let’s hope there’s no last-minute problems…

For the record, this is the first series that Fegen/Norris didn’t write; the episodes are: Back With a Bang, Body Language, We All Fall Down, A Walk on the Wild side, At the Double, Mr Brittas falls in Love, and Snap Happy. I remember them being worth watching, but not on a par with previous eps. Turning half-remembered opinions from 1996 into news articles, there.

Right. I’m off to get ready for a bastard night-shift at makro. Why can’t I get state subsidy to just do G&T?

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