It’s Christmas time, and there’s no need to be afraid. For we’ve had a flick through the Radio Times, and picked out all the Dwarfy shows on terrestrial between now and the new year. There’s not too many – it’s mainly guest star connections. If you’ve spotted anything interesting that we haven’t, post them in the comments and we’ll add them in.

Date Time Channel Title Why you should watch it
19/12/04 18:00 Channel 4 Scrapheap Mega Challenge Robert Llewellyn hosts as some big trains have a race and that.
19/12/04 23:05 ITV1 The South Bank Show Because Howard Goodall is hosting, and he’s fantastic.
23/12/04 22:00 BBC TWO Grumpy Old Men at Christmas Oh, it’s Tony Hawks! And Arthur Smith and all. Doesn’t save the show from being predictable, lazy rubbish, though.
25/12/04 22:30 BBC ONE Absolutely Fabulous Directed by Mr. Edmund Bye. Also starring Jane Horrocks. Nirvanah? Never mind.
26/12/04 10:30 BBC TWO Citizen Kane He gives the same performance as he did in Carry On Camping.
27/12/04 20:30 BBC ONE Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Teh Barries. And also, Angelina Jolie’s tits.
27/12/04 23:30 BBC ONE Still Crazy It stars Tim Spall, which is the only excuse I need to plug this marvellous film.
28/12/04 21:00 BBC ONE Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Back with the boys (including Timothy Spall) again…
29/12/04 21:00 BBC ONE Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Ditto.

Merry Christmas, you complete pack of cunts.

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