Starbug in John's cup of tea.Ah, the much-promised Merchandise section opens. And what better way to start it than with a review of the Corgi Twinpack? GUESS WHAT I THOUGHT OF THE DWARF MODEL.

Incidentally, RDSUK delivered this in two days, so well done to them. I wouldn’t be doing my job however if I didn’t note that you can get it two quid cheaper direct from Corgi.

I would have had a review of the Starbug Playset for you, but RDSUK sent me it without the crew figures. Despite the fact that they’re supposed to be plainly visable from the packaging. Sigh. I’m being sent them, so I’ll have a review soon – in the meantime, Big Blake has a excellent one.

More soon. Anyone want to see me spin a 1000-word review on bottle stoppers?

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