Ah, so he’s not doing Celeb Big Bro. Instead, he’s doing The Games, Channel 4’s celebrity athletics tournament. Crikey! That’s according to this Sheffield Today article. And given that it’s a full list given, it seems fairly concrete, especially considering Teh Ellards’s hint on the TOS webboard the other day.

Of course, this is actually worse in terms of The Movie. Craig will be starting his three months’ training pretty soon, as the tournament’s in March. So, no filming until at least April. Wah!

Still, we get a lot of Craig for our money – four training documentaries in the weeks leading up, live coverage of the events over the course of nine nights and highlights from the athletes’ village where they’ll be staying. Cor! We’ll cover it all, of course, because we rock.

And the good news for Craig is they’re adding a new event this year – sumo wrestling.

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