The logo for Ganymede & Titan Extended. SO MUCH THOUGHT WENT INTO IT.Remember how I keep going on about revamping the site at some point? You know, so the whole thing actually has the same design and everything? Well, I was going to make it a New Year’s resolution, but then I realised that it actually needed to be done.

So, we’ve started with our Movie section. A nice new index page, a few spelling mistakes corrected, some piccies added, couple of addendi added… it won’t change the world. Nonetheless, with future updates we’ll try and include a new article or two; we tried with this one, but it’s difficult to do anything new on the Movie at the moment. And at least it has a nice list of relevant past G&T news stories, and a rather more useful place for the related links.

For real actual content, watch out for my Starbug Playset review on the 2nd. Until then – Happy New Year. From, erm, RIMMER or something.

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