Ah, you’re a work of art, baby. It is, of course, the final designs for the Series VI DVD covers. And they look great, if a little dark. This is the second consequetive DVD to have Duane Dibbley on the back cover, which is no real surprise. Did you notice that the blurb about the extras has been blurred out on the back cover and inside the booklet? Aaaaah. People are already speculating about the “secret” spine image on the Series VIII DVD. It’ll probably be Mr. Flibble, or something.

More excitement: the Region 2 release date is confirmed as February 21st, and Region 1 as March 15th. You Americans, you thought you were so good when you got your IV DVD first, weren’t you? Who’s laughing now? That’s what you get for re-electing Bush. Apparantly, TOS are the first to bring us the Region 1 Series VI artwork. Apart from DVD Answers. In other news, Just The Shows isn’t being released States-side. Americans are advised to buy a multi-region player, import a British copy and pay customs duty on it. Or just pick up the extras-packed versions of the series for a few dollars apiece.

TOS also brings us the news of a fantastic charity auction, run by the Prop Store and Mel Bibby’s widow. Ten items added per day for the next week, starting today. It’s only been up a few hours, and the Rimmer painting is already up to

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