Stuff, then:

  • RDZ has noticed that DVD Answers has a glimpse of the Region 1 VI artwork. Three things: firstly, a release date of 15th March is given. Could, give or take a day, Austin be right? Secondly: fuck off DVD Answers watermarks covering the image fuck. Thirdly, they’re clearly being a bit lazy when they say that “The BBC has yet to reveal details on extra material for this one”: ahem.
  • On the 9th of this month is the MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association)Christmas Thumbprint Ball at Bankside, London – hosted by Chris Barrie. A bunch of celebs (Tarrant, Forsyth, et al) have each created a thumbprint piccy which is to be auctioned off on the night. I bet Chris is only involved because he thought the event had something to do with cars.
  • Series 6 of Brittas has been classified by the BBFC. Nothing else to say about that one, although I’m duty-bound to inform you that Oh… That’s Tight has also been passed.
  • Oh, and Chris Barrie’s site has started publishing a Massive Machine’s Diary. I can’t find how to access the first day’s entry. And I also don’t know whether the planned schedule of a new entry each week is continuing; looking at the given programme schedule, I suspect not. Sigh.

Watch out this Saturday for a BRAND NEW ARTICLE by me, about something I’ve been meaning to write about for ages. The question is: can you stand the tension until then?

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