Movie Logo. I'm sick of using this without any actual news, you know.Remember this news article? Specifically, the bit about the Pacific Film and Television Commission (which “facilitates and celebrates quality film and television production in Queensland”) mentioning “a chance of a movie adaptation of the popular TV series Red Dwarf being filmed at the Warner Roadshow studios”?

We’ve bugged the PFTC before about the Movie, but, in the spirit of investigative and frankly annoying journalism, we thought we’d try them again. Here’s what we got (remarkably quickly, I might add):

“The Pacific Film and Television Commission (PFTC) has not received any confirmation at this stage that Red Dwarf will film in Queensland. The PFTC has hosted location scouts for the project, which has provided positive feedback on Queensland locations. However, the production is still in development and is still finalising finance.”

Perhaps not news as such, beyond confirming that nothing huge has changed yet (at least, nothing that can be public – and guess which site will be allowed to break the news? Clue.) But the bit about location scouts is interesting.

…did I get away with this article then?

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