“You take Power Circuits and Esperanto. I’ll take Implementation and Power of Programming Languages”

Exam revision means I’m getting up again at 5.

And the amount I know about this exam, writing “I am a Fish” 400 times, doing a funny little dance and fainting sounds like a reasonable option.

Perhaps I should become a chef…

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  • Everyday when I go to work I quote Hitch Hikers to myself;

    ‘I’ve got to get myself in the right frame of mind for this.’

    ‘There is no right frame of mind.’

  • When we imported the posts from Observation Dome over, we *really* should have tagged them as such.

    (The short version is: before we merged our individual sites into G&T – and so back when G&T was just John and Ian – we started a group blog called Observation Dome. It was a repository for random/shorter posts about Dwarf that didn’t really fit on all our “proper” blogs. I think I said this somewhere once, but it was basically kind of like a Tumblr before Tumblr, only without the slash. Anyway, when it became apparent that it made more sense to actually just do a big massive version of G&T instead, Observation Dome was closed down and all its posts were folded into G&T. In retrospect, this was maybe a mistake, although it does at least mean they’re all saved for posterity. It also means that there are some people on here as G&T authors who didn’t actually join the site – such as this one. Maybe the biggest problem, though, was that the comments didn’t come across…)

    I wonder if it might be possible to easily identify the OD posts en masse and tag them in retrospect? Not that it’s my problem any more anyway, so whatevs.

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