Heads up, children. I plan on entering the new official contest but since I have no editing equipment anymore I’ll be doing an animated short. Hoo!

I don’t intend to divulge all the details for obvious reasons…many of us will probably be working on something and it might be best not to get our ideas muddled.

BUT I will be needing help and I want to extend the offer to OD’ers.

I will need voices. Anybody who might be interested in contributing a voice–and being fully credited–on my entry please reply.

Pretty much I need people who can imitate–passably, but not necessarily perfectly–the Dwarf characters: Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten being the priorities.

I do have a script in the works that I will complete when I know who is playing what role…so if you can imitate Holly (either one), Hollister, Kochanski, Able, Camille…whatever…let me know, and I will likely be able to integrate that character at least in part.

Any interested parties post here or email me at chickenbrutus[at]yahoo.com

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