Oh dear, it’s down

The domain is registered until 9th July this year, so I suppose the downtime could be temporary – but it’s not been updated for so long and the main navigation was so fucked that I’ve got a nasty feeling this is it. A pity, as it used to be a great site.

Of course, I could use the opportunity to moan on about permanant links and how Cool URI’s Don’t Change, but I’ve been guilty of it myself at times. However, it’s a great shame that what was once such a great resource appears to be ending its days first with most good links broken, and then gone completely. Something that was such a useful resource should live on the net for all time, even if it’s never to be updated again. Hooray for the Wayback Machine, then…

Still, it’s a bit sad. The Clearing House has now gone, Smegweb (Archive) disappeared a while ago now, and all RDW (Archive) has up now is a pathetic message. (Their flame really is one of the stupidest pieces of writing I’ve ever seen.)

Thank fuck there’s a new breed of sites now, eh?

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