Jim Hacker looking rather upset.Fucky bollocky balls!

See my blog for the full details, but basically: I tried to upgrade the version of Movable Type this site runs on, and it fucked up. And I didn’t have a backup. You may think that’s stupid. I tend to think it’s verging on the mentally ill.

Which means: whilst all actual entries are fine, all comments are gone. I’m currently trying (along with lovely help from Daniel from Pepperfish) to recover the database, but to be honest I don’t hold out much hope. If that fails, there is a backup from late October which should restore comments from then – for the rest of them, I’ll have to wait until The Wayback Machine makes them avaliable in a year or so’s time, and manually hack them back in.

Sorry about all this, everyone – believe me when I say I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ll tell you as soon as I have any futher info. On the plus side, the improved spam-control stuff on the new version of MT means that I won’t have to close old entries any more.

Oh, and cunty wanky Christ!

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