Dwarf Set For Mobiles

The Nokia 7710. Drool.Remember this? A few more details have leaked out about it, and it seems that Red Dwarf is definitely to be part of it.

Rok Entertainment are the people behind it, and I’m so uninterested in the story that I’m just going to link to this Net Imperative story and this vnunet.com story instead of doing any proper reporting.

Frankly, my reaction is: £14.99? For something I’ve already paid for? Fuck off! The future is not buying things on more than one format (at least, not cocurrently) – and DVDs control the TV market. I’ve bought Dwarf already – I won’t be shelling out again. If I want to watch things on the bus, there are other ways…

I’d be very surprised if this works. And if it does, it’s down to idiots.

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  1. All the comments for this thread deleted, how delicious.

  2. People who watch video on trains are not sad.

  3. I disagree. Reading about Brian McFadden’s sex life and looking at pictures of Jordan’s tits is much more improving than watching Brasseye, or something.

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