Just so you know, Fuchal isn’t dead. I’m having some, uh, issues with my domain company (namely, they tried to charge my card six months after I actually registered, so there wasn’t money available so it bounced and so they’ve locked my account), so I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get back up (I’ve paid them now, but you know what these people are like). The site can still be accessed via http://users.ox.ac.uk/~orie1357/seb/dwarf/ if there were any articles you were desperate to read or link to, but I won’t actually update it until the domain is back up.

Cor, what is it with RD sites getting mussed up at the moment, eh?

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  • I was (did English at Greyfriars, finished last summer) – I’m currently using my girlfriend’s webspace (she’s a second year at Oriel) as it’s free and unlimited bandwidth…

    What do you do there? Where do you work?

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