Have a look at this. More specifically, the bottom right hand side of it.

Instructions telling you how to get the DVD out.

If there are any resident Austrailians here, is this a common feature on your DVDs, and, more importantly, why?

3 comments on “How to use a DVD – for Australians

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  • Don’t know about Aussie DVDs, but it’s a common thing on UK games (I should know, having worked in a games shop). Indeed, if you open a Gamecube case, instructions on safely removing the game from the disc are actually imprinted onto the plastic.

  • After checking through my DVDs from other shows and movies it?s not a common feature. But I would guess it has something to do with the fact that I counted no less that 7 different styles of DVD holding mechanisms. Some a press-to-release and others a simple pull out style.

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