If there’s one party I wanted to attend this Yuletide, it was this one. Failing that, I’d have settled for the GNP Christmas lunch. Doug Naylor, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn, Craig Charles, Mac McDonald and Chloe Annett getting pissed on free booze. Excellent! And, from this, we glean some bits and bobs about what the chaps are up to at the moment. Mr. McDonalds (because he is quite fat. DYS?) has been out in South Africa shooting a movie. This one? Looks like it. No, I’ve never met a nice South African.

Daniel Jonathan-Julian is in the second series of The Crapches, which will start on Monday. Bloody hell, a second series of this shite. And we only got six episodes of Hippies. Curse you, BBC. You all think Jesus is gay. Or something. Danny’s in a play, and all. I might try and catch it, but by the time I go back to London full-time, it’ll have fucked off to Nottingham. Ooh, look: The Brittas Empire Series Six cover. Smart. Orange. Nice.

In other news, just as me and John were poised to attempt a coup, James Bull is now the chairman of the fan club. Cor! Nice one, Drum. Maybe the rest of us will have a chance at the auctions from now on. And it’ll be nice to actually have a member of the fan club team visit the much-neglected forums every now and then. We’re also told that DJ:XII will be held in a central location in September of this year. Excellent. Birmingham, pls.

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