A big list of chapter titles. Why does this always make me excited? Some good ISWYDT moments this time around – particularly “Great Balls of Fire” in Psirens and “Call Me Legion” – the original title for the episode. Another exciting thing revealed today is the magazine ad for the release. “The Wait Is Over”. Indeed it is – by February 21st, we’ll have every decent series of Red Dwarf on shiny disc. Also: excellent Blipbloop noted. I’m absolutely delighted, but not surprised, that the team haven’t tried to remove it.

Also on TOS this week, some repeat schedules for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. Is it me, or have UKTV Gold 2 (silly name) been on Series III for ages? Also, are there any Canadians reading this? If so, put that moose down and do us a favour. Are the episodes edited at all on BBC Kids? It’s hard to imagine any kids’ channel screening “let’s get out there and twat it”, for example.

And finally, some news on a special offer from RDSUK. Order one of two t-shirts, and get VI for half price. Cor! Remember, G&T is officially recommending RDSUK this time around, since Play let us down so spectacularly last time. If RDSUK let us down, however, I will personally shit in the cornflakes of Doug Naylor, Helen Norman and Andrew Ellard. It’s the only language they understand.

In Ian Symes news, I’m going to be away for a week, starting tomorrow. Don’t forget to write… you big nancy. So, don’t expect any updates from me. No change there, then.

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