A Dwarf face, no less. Thanks to the loverly Tanya Jones, I’ve been watching Colin’s Sandwich. This was a bit of a treat, not only for the excellent-ness of the series itself, but it also has innumerable Dwarf references. Examples: it stars Lee Cornes and Nicholas Ball, Robert Llewellyn guest starred in an episode, and, of course, John Hoare was a Camera Supervisor on one episode. Was it the John Hoare? Probably not. But still.

Watching this show has helped me come to a very firm conclusion – Lee Cornes is rubbish. But other than that, it’s made me wonder: what do you think is the best non-Dwarf show that somehow involves Dwarf? That’s a poorly phrased question, so I’ll clarify. Any member of the cast that guest stars in another show can count (like Chris Barrie in The Young Ones or Filthy, Rich & Catflap) or written by Grant and/or Naylor (like Dark Ages, which qualifies even though it’s abysmal) or involves a member of the production team (such as Mel Bibby on Filthy, Rich & Catflap).

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