The DJXII Blue Midget.Sigh. After all that excitement, let’s get on with things.

  • TOS updates, then. Firstly, there’s DJXII, which we’ve reported on – but new info is that Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, and Norman ‘Every other year’ Lovett have already confirmed – with the magical caveat “work permitting”. Forms and stuff are also now avaliable on TOS (as well as on TORDFC) – that page also gives us a look at the logo. (UPDATE: Actually, it hasn’t. It’s just a temporary one knocked up by Andrew Ellard. See comments.) Very classy, although it’s a pity it’s the Re-mastered Blue Midget…
  • This is just great, though. Buy the two new Red Dwarf T-shirts from (released, erm, tomorrow – review soon, probably) from RDSUK for £34.99, and get the VI DVD for half-price – that’s £7.49! Even before this offer was announced, we recommended you go to RDSUK – now you’d be stupid not to. Cancel your Play orders. They’re tax-dodging fascists anyway. Maybe.
  • Oh, and there’s a glimpse of the Region 4 artwork – along with a release date: April 7th. HA HA WE GET OURS ON THE 21ST FEBRUARY AND EVEN AMERICA GETS IT ON 15TH MARCH YOU’RE RUBBISH.
  • Onto fansite news. Austin of Garbage World has updated his Science of Red Dwarf article with a section on Series V. Groovetown now has a new forum moderator in The White Hole‘s Cappsy, but is still looking for a song editor. And Seb Patrick is having problems with Fuchal, but all should be sorted out soon. And just when is Danny going to update RDZ?

Go on, leave me plenty of comments. We’ve got over 4000 to make up for…

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