Oh dear, it’s a quiet patch again…

  • On Radio 1’s Ten Hour Takeover on Jan 3rd at approximately 1:05pm, the Red Dwarf theme was requested by 9 year-old Jessica from Scotchland. Unfortunately, rather than any version from the actual show itself, we got the five-minute extended version – which is excellently dealt with on Groovetown. Poor Jessica.
  • Austin Of Garbage World has updated his Science of Red Dwarf article (“an addition to Series II, and the creation of VI – VIII sections”). He will go far, this man.
  • Oh, and as Ellard said, Craig isn’t in Celeb Big Brother, despite some very recent ERRONEOUS reports. To be honest, I’m rather thankful – at least The Games has slightly less chances for him to be snide. Not that we won’t be completely spared. Meanwhile: the actual housemates are SHIT.
  • And finally, something completely unrelated to Red Dwarf whatsoever. But it’s excellent.

A Newsround from Ian tomorrow, as TOS is due its first update of the year. But the question is: will this page be updated?

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