A photograph of Chris Barrie.Did you hear about the wedding of five’s Programme Controller? Well, the service was OK, but the reception was terrible.

This is 2005.

Anyway, the lovely Pip has mailed us to say that Chris Barrie’s Massive Engines is starting tomorrow on five, as a double-bill from 8:00pm. The two eps are Rockets (“Comedy actor Chris Barrie explores the evolution of rocket power, from the fireworks of the ancient Chinese to the monsters of the space race”) and Racing Cars (“Comedy actor Chris Barrie explores the evolution of the racing car engine, visiting Beaulieu to see the fastest and most powerful early racing cars”).

Lovely to see this getting a terrestrial airing – I’ll try and make the effort to watch it this time. Unfortunately, I suspect Tanya is going to be stuck to her chair by the end of it, but what can you do?

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