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Oh dear. Whilst upgrading to a new version of Movable Type, something went wrong. All the comments have fucked off!

I shall email TECH SUPPORT. In the meantime, hold tight. The comments are still in the database – it’s just MT isn’t recognising them…

I’m sure there’s a hilarious Red Dwarf quote to go here, but I’m not in the mood. Bugger off.

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  1. You should have just bought him a tie…


  2. “All my glorious work will be undone,” “They’ve been half-inched,” “Gone…but there may be–“, etc.

  3. How come comments work here, but nowhere else?

  4. Because the DATABASE is FUCKED. And this entry was made after the database went wrong, so it accepts comment posts made to entries created after it fucked up, but not before.

    I’m trying to do what I can to sort things – hold tight…

  5. Did you look behind the fridge? If you lose something, it’s nearly always there!

    We could have so much fun with this. I don’t want to upset you too much though John :)

  6. “They’ve taken our comments! Sirs, they’ve taken our comments!”

    “Quick, let’s get out of here before they bring them back!”

    “All in all, a hundred per cent successful trip!”

    “But sir, we lost all the comments!”

    “All in all, a hundred per cent successful trip!”

  7. “Step up to Spam Alert, sir”
    “Are you absolutely sure sir, that does require changing the server?”

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