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The VI DVD.There we go, then. “Outtakes, Interviews and more!” – I’m glad to see they’ve gone to so much trouble with the extras description.

In a shock move, however, G&T officially recommends you go to RDSUK instead. Both shops do the DVD for £14.99 (although admittedly, you have to add £2.99 P&P for RDSUK, wheras Play is free) – and last time, RDSUK delievered the V DVD on the Saturday, wheras Play people had to wait for the Monday. Of course, ideally you’d order from both, and sell the DVD that comes second to a family or friend. But surely most Red Dwarf fans have alienated all of both by now?

Oddly, the release date given in the Play entry is March 14th, wheras TOS give February 21st (and March 15th for Region 1). I suspect that Play have got hold of some dodgy information – I’d trust the TOS dates for now.

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  1. Ha. Play despatched my Series 6 DVD this afternoon.

  2. RDSUK delivered today. So we were right.

  3. I’ve not been home yet, but hopefully Play delivered today.

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