My girlfriend and I are coming up on our 6 month anniversary, which means only one thing: I’ve waited much to long to introduce her to Red Dwarf.

Now this is a tricky thing to do, as most you know…whether it’s been girlfriends (for most of us, boyfriends for Austin), family members or just friends…where to begin? There’s a lot of story-building throughout Dwarf as a whole, so at what point in the story is it ideal to introduce a new viewer? The End? Of course the first episode does the best as setting up all the characters, but it’s by no means the best Dwarf has to offer and is a bit lame in bits…

I’ve been through this with girls before and I failed. With Cassandra (my old girlfriend, not the episode) I showed her The Inquisitor and she hated it so much she never wanted to watch it again. With Ginger I showed her White Hole, which she didn’t love but didn’t mind watching another…I followed it up with Backwards and she enjoyed that very much.

So, short of strapping her head to the wall and forcing her to watch all 52 episodes, what should I show her? Which episode would be ideal to get a new viewer hooked?

And don’t just name your favorite episode, keep in mind factors such as how easy it is to understand what is happening if you’ve never seen the show before.

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