The Starbug Playset Figures. Ugly fucker's face not included.What’s 25cm long and gives my girlfriend the horn? MY PENIS. But also: the Starbug Electronic Playset, of which you can now read a review here. Apologies for the delay.

I’m especially interested to hear if any of you lot have the problem with the sounds – it’d be nice if mine was just from a dodgy batch…

I’m off work for two weeks from this Friday – so expect lots of updates from me, as I attempt to turn this site into something my web design portfolio will be proud of. In the meantime, hopefully we’re going to update a lot more in 2005 – so if you have any contribution you feel you could make to officially the saddest site on the internet, get in contact. Episode reviews would be a good one – we need to get our Episodes section going again, and if I suggest to Ian that he do another Re-mastered article, he’ll SHOOT ME THROUGH THE HEAD.

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