Alright…I’m confused.

How (how!) is it that Doug is having so much trouble getting funding for this movie? Especially since The League of Gentlemen movie is not only funded, not only being made, but PRACTICALLY FINISHED?

The last new series of Dwarf aired, oh, six years ago or so? The last new series of League a mere two. Clearly the ball is rolling much more quickly for the latter…but why?

I love the League, personally. Nothing against them. Lots of laughs. Flawless acting. I think it’s very innovative and clever and I’m much intrigued at the prospect of a film…but the fact that this movie gets funded and Dwarf does not boggles my mind.

League is an all-male cast (one of the things film companies do not like and one of the reasons, reportedly, Doug brought Chloe on), League has a far-narrower (though, in fairness, probably equally-devoted) fanbase, and League has NO AMERICAN PRESENCE WHATSOEVER. Which Dwarf DOES have. Which makes it more profitable.

So why on Earth is League so quick to film and Dwarf so painfully slow? I imagine The League film will not have a world-wide release…so what? I don’t care if Dwarf is only shown on one screen in Haiti…so long as I can import the DVD when that comes out.

Any ideas?

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