Do you know where the park used in Backwards is?
Can you get to Sunbury Pumping Station?
Do you have any pictures of any of the Red Dwarf locations?If you do, please leave a comment here – John and I are working on a new website for our other geeky tendencies, and we’re hoping to do a feature on Red Dwarf locations, if we manage to get a suitable amount of pictures.

So please help if you can – or I’ll have to get out my collection of 20th Century Telegraph Poles.

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  • Cor, that looks smashing!

    I’m afraid the best I can do is get a picture of the bridge at York station which was used in the first Harry Potter film.

  • At the time Backwards was first shown, I was led to believe it was filmed at Lyme Park in Stockport, which always seemed pretty plausible because it has various bits of water they don’t mind you filming around (e.g. Pride and Prejudice) and also has various woody bits for the other scenes.

    However, according to a log of an IRC conversation I had with moss 18 months or so ago, it was apparently Lime Park in Liverpool. I think that came from this interview (link currently broken):

  • >Is that really a location, though?

    Well, I guess it’s not a location. But it exists :-) I should try and investigate what the ninth hole is really like…

  • Indeed – Bootle isn’t a location as (AFAIK) they didn’t film there.

    Lime Park is though – although I can’t seem to find it on the map, or anything via Google. Know where it is Seb?

    Thanks all for your help – I’ve got loads of places to look for I guess, and would appreciate as much help with naming them all as visiting them. At least if I’ve got a name I can try and get there…

    Of course Market Street, The Midland Hotel and Portland Street in Manchester are taken as read, and I don’t need any help with them :)

  • Ooh, another thing, I assume the place where the Nodnol 871 Selim location is fairly near Manchester, as that was a City of Manchester taxi they used…

  • Actually, there is a location in Liverpool, but I don’t think it’s one that can be got to – wasn’t the bit in Kryten with Lister riding his bike around the ship supposed to have been filmed down at the Albert Dock?

  • > Of course Market Street, The Midland Hotel and Portland Street in Manchester are taken as read, and I don’t need any help with them :)

    Don’t forget Sacha’s – the restaurant at the end of the total immersion video game.

  • There’s already photos of most of the Manc locations knocking about from meets, but they’ve all got people on them. Mostly wearing silly hats.

  • It was filmed in Lyme Park in Stockport, I lived in Lyme Park at the time of filming and I remember them coming here to film it.

    I know the interview says it was lime park lake but they also filmed the mansion there and the image of the court yard is Lyme Hall. He probably can’t remember where Lyme Park was and just said it was Liverpool

    Neighbours was also shot there once, Harold and Madge went on a holiday to the UK.

    and pride and pedjudice as mentioned above

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