For my first entry to Observation Dome, I’ve decided to ask a question that’s been hanging around my head for a while: what would your Better Than Life game look like? Also, would you have a fantastic time, like Lister and Cat, or would your subconscious ruin it all, due to your Rimmer-like qualities?

Here’s a few ideas for my Better Than Life (not developed in any way):
-I’d be in a shouty guitar band (I was rather impressed by the Hole video I saw today).
-I’d have a personal fortune that enabled me to study whatever I wanted.
-I’d be rich and powerful enough to help balance out the world’s inequalities (the question of whether inequalities should exist is probably another entry, or, rather, conference altogether). Also, I’d be powerful enough to help make a real difference to the damage we’ve inflicted upon the planet.
-I’d be a bit thinner (yes, typical woman).
-Everyone would be secure enough to not behave like an arsehole.
-Everyone would do their bit to get the housework done in the big house I’d share with John, all my friends, and my mum in a granny flat.
-I’d like to think my psyche would let me live happily ever after, and, if I had all the above, it should do, as I don’t do too badly in my current imperfect world.

What about the rest of you?

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