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An excellent Comedy Connections graphic with Mr. Flibble on, nicked from TOS. I'm very sorry. If I had a decent screen grabber here and any graphic design skills whatsoever, I wouldn't have done it - but I'm shit and have no money, so what can I do?Just a reminder that the third series of Comedy Connections continues on Monday 28th February @ 11:20pm on BBC ONE with… Spitting Image. Excellent. Pity Rob and Doug – by all accounts, the saviours of the series in its early days – aren’t interviewed, but I’d be surprised if they weren’t mentioned. (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I strongly recommend Tooth & Claw for a really excellent look into the early history of the show.)

Meanwhile, according to the BBC Comedy Blog, the next episode will be on Three Of A Kind, which Rob and Doug also wrote for. The talented fellows.

Oh, and why hasn’t the Comedy Connections website been updated since the first series? IT’S BBC CUTBACKS GONE MAD.

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  1. The BBC have had cutbacks since the Dwarf days. Tight bastards.

  2. Nice clip of Dwarf, I thought. No Chicken Song mention? Why?

  3. Selection of anxiously gesticulating soundproofed cocks.

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