dreamwatch this issue (#126) has an article on great telly title sequences. And what’s in there? Sodding Buffy. Now, I think Buffy is great, and I love the title music, but you could hardly argue that the title sequence is worthy of classic status. It’s a collection of clips with actors names underneath – in what way is this boring convention worth of recognition?

The same applies to Red Dwarf series III-VIII, of course – great music, great logo, but a bog-standard clip montage. (The timed to the music Lister bashing himself in the bollocks at the end of the III almost swings it, though.) But sadly, the first two series of Red Dwarf aren’t mentioned in the article either. Which is a great shame – yes, ostensibly it’s just a load of model shots cut together – but what great model shots! And how fucking well cut together! And what glorious, wonderful music! And what a great opening pullback!

Truly a classic, and hugely evocative title sequence. A pity it’s never recognised.

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