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  • I’d never done a Dwarf search on imdb before. It’s highly interesting how they have Nirvanah up as a character in the movie. If there’s any truth to that I wonder how she’s going to be worked in……….what am I talking about, this movie isn’t even gonna get made……..must cancel negative thoughts…

  • A lot of stuff on IMDb is based on people’s submissions. So someone probably submitted that Nirvanah was a character based on some wildly inaccurate speculation, or a flippant comment. Or maybe they’ve seen the script…

  • The thing that gets me, though, is that she’s not played by Jane Horrocks. (I’m too lazy to check who they actually have listed…but it’s not her.)

    I’d imagine a fan submission would have used the original acrtress?

    Well, either way, I want this fucking movie to get made.

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