Just the one TOS update (or TOSdate) this week, but it’s a good’un. It’s the deleted scenes, folks!

Once again, I’m moist with anticaption for what we are about to recieve. We know about some of these already, what with the Soup books and that, but to actually see them moving before our eyes will be as fantastic as ever. That picture of dead Lister from Out of Time looks great – reminiscent of the excitement of the dead Rimmer clone shot from Terrorform. And the target on Kryten doesn’t look too bad from the screenshot – can’t wait to see it in the scene. But yes, the sideways-camera shot in Legion does indeed look rubbish. Plus, it’s always great to see previously unheard Grant Naylor gags.

Production and updates on the VII and VIII DVDs is imminent. It’ll be interesting to see the deleted scenes from those series. For the last few DVDs, the exclusions have been fantastic; hardly surprising given how great the series are. But given that much of VII and VIII are deemed so rubbish, what must the rejected bits be like?

This is the 500th G&T story since we moved to this system in September 2004. Hurrah!

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  • >But given that much of VII and VIII are deemed so rubbish, what must the rejected bits be like?

    Yeah, but some stuff from earlier series was great material, with some gags arguably better than stuff that was kept in (I think Rimmer’s joke-telling is my favourite deleted scene of all), so you never know, there may be hope. Particularly, I think, with VII – we know that some of the funnier stuff from eps such as Duct Soup was cut out…

    Incidentally, to add an item to your NEWSROUND WHICH ISN’T A NEWSROUND BECAUSE IT’S ONLY GOT ONE ITEM IN IT :-p, Fuchal is now non-broken again. Hurrah.

  • I fail to see how VII will have any deleted moments worth watching. What we got in Xtended was fine, but surely things can only get worse, particularly in two of the worst Dwarf episodes ever (in my view, of course) Beyond A Joke and Blue. No doubt we’ll get the full Rimmer song from Blue as we’ve already seen, but this is a very minor thing to have. Maybe there was a Kochanski nude scene filmed and cut…there’s always hope……

    Unfortunately, VII is the series which should have had the fucking Universe Challenge on it but won’t because of some bastards who own it. We should get the bloody Children In Need message and Robert’s camera footage.

  • Scratching my head over the lack of the Cat’s
    yo-yo scene in Emohawk which Danny used to wax lyrical about.

    And I’m assuming that the “Comic Relief Bohemian Rhapsody” will be found somewhere on this package?

  • As for Bohemian Rhapsody, I hope it turns up as an egg – but I can forsee rights problems. I doubt they could afford to pay for the rights to use all the actors in the final transmitted sequence, and even if you just used the rushes for the Dwarf sequence (they did the entire song straight through), possibly the music is too expensive to clear. The fact it was all for Comic Relief adds yet another problem to the proceedings (although the IV Comic Relief clip was cleared).

    I hope I’m wrong, though.

  • >Four short removals, including another alternate >line – removed because the audience clearly
    >didn’t know what ‘Seersucker’ was. Does anyone?

    Since when was Dwarf afraid to make an obscure reference?

    Not that Seersucker is that obscure…I guess it was just another trim for time.

  • By the way, I think the Urine Re-cyc ending is better than the cliffhanger eventually used. Like your article quotes somebody or other saying, it reprises the idea about the poor quality of the wine from earlier in the episode, which makes for good storytelling in my book.

    Let me ask everyone this one thing: do people not find it incongruous that with all the unreality pockets spread throughout the episode, the thing with their future selves visiting them ended up being real? It would have been a rehash of Back to Reality though if they’d gone with it being imagined, but I feel the episode lacks a sense of wholeness as it is. Pre series VII, I always wondered whether they would go with the shared hallucination idea for the resolution to the cliffhanger. That would have been an anti-climax after so many years though I suppose.

    But if they’d not gone with the cliffhanger, I think a shot of Rimmer realising he’d shot a hole through Starbug’s hull for no reason as the rest of the crew looked on bemused might have been funny.

  • > But if they’d not gone with the cliffhanger, I think a shot of Rimmer realising he’d shot a hole through Starbug’s hull for no reason as the rest of the crew looked on bemused might have been funny.

    I love this!

  • Ugh, cliffhangers! If Series VIII is the last TV Dwarf I will feel so ill for the rest of my life! Somehow I don’t think that particular cliffhanger can be resolved seeing as it’s 6 years since VIII. The best scenario would be – somehow the crew (minus Series I-style Rimmer) make it into stasis booths while Hollister and everyone else die horribly. Holly ‘wakes’ them six years later (some kind of joke that he forgot they were there, or something…) and informs them that Rimmer somehow laid down his life to save them (I don’t know how…). The real Rimmer must also come back.

    As far as the end of VI goes, the cliffhanger was fantastic. Pity Doug forgot how to write a script by the time of Tikka. I don’t know how Craig said that opening bit to the camera with a straight face. Every time I watch it I am reminded of the end of Queeg when the crew say ‘WHAT?!?!’ to Holly.

  • > But given that much of VII and VIII are deemed so
    > rubbish, what must the rejected bits be like?

    Red Dwarf Xtended

  • Can anyone remind me because it’s been a while since I looked: was that additional scene with Lister being trapped in the detachable back-section of the ‘bug any good? I remember it being funny and haunting at the same time and a welcome additional scene. I also remember the effects work in that scene being superior to the rest of series 7.

  • “Every time I watch it I am reminded of the end of Queeg when the crew say ‘WHAT?!?!’ to Holly.”

    Except that with that scene, and others where people don’t understand what somebody has said, something of worth is actually being said. The resolution to the series 6 cliffhanger is a load of nonsense. The paradox is simple enough, so they transferred it into Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions language to make it sound more complicated than it was.

  • “a slightly longer Police Squad-style finale”

    I’ve only just realised what this means as I’d forgotten about those freeze-frame endings on Police Squad. Now I really want it to be out on DVD.
    And all this cliffhanger talk got me thinking about the end of BACKWARDS. There’s really no need for there to be a cliffhanger at the end of it, is there? I wonder if Rob’s got any idea what ‘We’re about to be…’ It’s as if he put it in so that he’d *have* to write a follow-up at some point. Well, I hope he does.
    ‘Don’t call me Shirley.’

  • Hmm. I think that line in Backwards is to give the ‘reasonably happy ending’ a bit of an edge. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, which certainly makes sense given the rather sombre tone of the novel.

    Having said that, Rob did mention writing more Dwarf novels but that was just shortly after the release of Backwards. And that was many moons ago. I, for one, would welcome them as I think his effort was far more dwarfian than Last Human.

  • I think part of the point of that ending is that there’s an idea of bringing things full circle – the suggestion seems to be that the “we’re about to be” is the White Hole bit, so it’s possible to infer that Lister and the Cat are about to go through a lot of what they’ve just gone through all over again…

  • I think everyone involved probably just wants to move on from the Red Dwarf thing. It’s been going on for a long time – it must be severely regressive to keep going back to it. I can imagine why they wouldn’t want to.

  • You would get bored of writing the same four characters after 15 years. Doug, however, owes us an ending to the TV show.

  • There is already an ending. Kryten, Rimmer, Lister and Cat sit around to celebrate that they were not killed by their future selves. They take a drink, and Lister spits his out in disgust as they all realise they’re consuming recycled urine.

    It’s quite possible to create that ending and that’s where I’m staying. Red Dwarf has a fine resolution either there or at the end of series 5 – wherever you decide to take it.

  • I guess that’s possible, but I like series VII, and I don’t deny series VIII (that is, after four years of counselling I’m prepared not to murder Naylor).
    I mean a PROPER sci-fi ending anyhow. Something along the lines of Last Human – I shall not stop whining until Lister and Kochanski are in love and Rimmer is redeemed shotly before a dramatic death sequence, or at least until they get back to Earth.

  • I used to be firmly of the belief that the “true” Red Dwarf ending would be that they’d get back to Earth. But I’ve changed my mind, now, and I think Rob summed it up perfectly at the end of “Backwards” – Lister’s spent his whole life trying to get “home”, and he realises eventually that maybe that big red hunk o’ junk has become his real home.

    I liked some things about the ending of Last Human, namely the Rimmer stuff, but I thought the whole thing with Lister and Kochanski was *far* too sappy.

  • “I shall not stop whining until Lister and Kochanski are in love”

    Okay well you’ll love the additional sub-plot to the Hitchhiker’s movie then.

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