John’s Newsround – 12/2/05


Roughly translated, hit the rehe… erm, here’s what TOS is up to. Firstly, there’s a nice report on the Mel Bibby auction. That’s not the actual auctioning off of Mel Bibby, as that would be sick. Secondly, there’s a reminder that the two new Dwarf T-shirts (the ones in the excellent VI DVD for £7.49 offer) are now shipping. Expect a review shortly, as I’m putting them on order tonight – despite the fact that I’m moving into a flat next month and need all the money I can get. Hmmm.

Lastly, there’s more news on DJXII – Mike Tucker is confirmed, along with a hint that “he may not be alone”, which is intriguing in a pant-moistening sense. There’s also the revelation of the actual new DJ logo. Sorry, but I’ve always hated that font. It’s revolting. Nice piccies, though.

Other news, then. Austin Ross has launched the Garbage World Blog, which is an excellent excuse for him to whine about how he’s nearly written another episode review. Matt Dryzmala (that’d better be spelt right) has pointed out that Brittas 7 is now listed on Play – release date 23rd May, no extras apart from the Christmas special Surviving Christmas – although both those last two could easily change.

And finally, in a post recently made to the TOS Webboard, Ellard confirms that “Doug is away at the moment working on the film”. Hey, I know you’re bored of hearing this by now, but it keeps me happy, OK?

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  1. In one minute on Independent Television for Schools and Colleges, a look at Television programme “Red Dwarf” in Ganymede and Titan.

  2. I don’t like the font much either! Too late to change it now though.

  3. I’ll do it for him…

    It’s Drzy.

  4. DJ Logo Font: I think it’s called Hobo, it’s not actually installed on this PC.

  5. “Austin Ross has launched the Garbage World Blog, which is an excellent excuse for him to whine about how he’s nearly written another episode review.”

    There will be more to it than whining, eventually. However, whining about nearly writing something is much easier than writing something.

  6. Quiet month, eh?

    If you’re looking for articles I did a complete update of my Futurama / Red Dwarf list with a bunch of new parallels (thank you, DVD box set.)

    I also have an episode by episode chart of all the times the word smeg is spoken or appears on screen in Dwarf. Along with a running tally of how often each character uses the term.

    Totally useless, both of them, but I can finish them up and hand them in if you want either.

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