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Subject: Re: NEWSROUND

> Are you doing it tonight?

Yes, as I type this.

> Also, are you writing the Newsround?

Nope. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I I I… sorry.


I’M SORRY, SIR – IT IS ANOTHER DOUG MCCLURE: The fan film, then. Fuck me, that’s a lot of terms and conditions. No complaints, as they were probably forced into having so many by various legal/organisational things – but it’s a great shame about it only being limited to UK contestants. No doubt it was complicated enough to pass it through UK law to everyone’s satisfaction, never mind other countries’.

Still, the entry forms are now online, and there’s a new deadline: 31st May 2005. The Observation Dome team are heavily involved with pre-production for theirs – are you? And if not, why not? Look, I think we’ve all got something we can bring to this discussion shut up now OK I will.

DVD DETAILS: Oh, it’s started. I knew it would. I’ll let you read the details for yourself; all I have to say is: THE VII MODEL WORK THAT WAS DISCARDED FOR RUSHED CGI HOORAY.

Meanwhile, Cappsy of TWH has done a VI Review. And it’s rather better than the magazine ones I’m about to transcribe…

THE DEALER: Craig Charles film in website shocker. Well, it’s got to be better than… this one. Yes, I’m going to keep mentioning that. And we will not rest until our task is completed.

That was John’s Newsround, on the week it was asked – why are there different edits of the Smeg Ups video, then?

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  • I’ve just re-read my review, actually and I’m not happy with it. But then again I always have a fear of reading back any of the stuff I’ve done for the The White Hole because I hate spotting all my mistakes and sloppy writing! Does everyone have this fear fo their own work? Fuck knows how I’ll cope being in a bloody film.

    On the subject of the VII and VIII DVDs, I’m very excited about these, already. This could be a great oportunity to really treat us to an extended amount of rushes and I will be very interested to see how they put together all that CGI. I just hope beyond all hope that they address the issue of fan discontentment with the series’, though. It’s far too big an issue to ignore.

  • I like the photo of Rob being wired up with explosives at the bottom of the fan film page. Look beyond through the urgency of his gaze and you’ll see a re-run of the Demons and Angels incident.

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