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  • Don’t you live in Manchester, Kirk? In terms of population, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Bristol and Liverpool are all bigger, you know :-p

  • Well, the cities are, yes. But “Manchester” is very small. Manchester City Centre is tiny. But from some ranking that is correct, Manchester is 3rd in England.

  • I don’t think there’s a ranking that’s ever been properly agreed on, frankly. My uncle used to have near-violent arguments with my dad over his (my uncle’s) claim that Sheffield was in fact bigger than Birmingham…

  • I can’t remember where it was now, but I saw something on a fairly authoratitive source recently that stated Manchester being third biggest as fact.
    I’ve no doubt over the other figures you refer to at all, because they’re correct, I’d just like to know what measure it is that makes Manchester bigger.

  • Well, that’s the thing. Do you measure geographical area, or population? Do you measure actual city area (in which case London isn’t that big, because the city of London is separate from all the other boroughs like Westminster), or the surrounding area (e.g. Greater Manchester)? Presumably the different possible measurements are why you get a different list wherever you go…

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