I remember reading, quite a while ago, about the impossibility to get hold of “Scenes from the Dwarf”, a small book from Penguin originally costing 60p, which contains a few scenes and deleted scenes from Red Dwarf.In fact, even on TOS’s Interview with Drumjay it says:

And the toughest find? “There’s one book in particular, which is the Penguin’s Scenes From The Dwarf. It was only published in limited numbers. I’ve only seen a few of these books listed anywhere in five years, making it Red Dwarf’s rarest book, and can cost anything from £30 upwards if you’re lucky.” This small mini-book originally retailed at 60p.

Hmm. £30 upwards if you’re lucky.

Which makes me all the happier that Amazon have just confirmed my long standing Marketplace request as being fulfilled for the ever so steep £2.67.

Thanks Amazon. Thamazon.

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